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Acne Treatment Solutions

Looking for healthy and effective acne products? We offer dermatology tested skin care products, which are proven to be result oriented. We offer the best researched plant extracts to give you lasting results. Our Acne products are mainly made with salicylic acid, which has been proven time and time again for its efficiency. In this article, we will give you two treatments you can do at Home and two treatments available to add on at our Med Spa. If you are serious about improving your skin, it will take some dedication, work and time. Are you ready to begin your journey with KMSBEAUTÉ?

At Home:

Do these 3 steps on a DAILY basis:

1- Acne Cleansing Gel: Every day our skin accumulates: sebum (bad oil), dirt, pollution and more. It's very important to cleanse our skin every evening before going to bed. Rince it with warm water.

2- Acne Toner: Water debalances the pH level of our skin, in order to rebalance it TONERS are a must. Just spray it your skin or apply it with a cotton pad.

3- Acne Treatment Moisturizing Gel: This Gel is made to hydrate the skin, control the sebum production, treat visible and under the skin acne, reduce inflammation, reduce irritation and even out the skin tone.

Total time: 2 minutes

Add this 1 step on a WEEKLY basis:

1- Acne Cleanser

2- Gommage Exfoliation: It's very important to exfoliate the skin on a weekly basis, because everyday we accumulate dead cells on the surface of our skin. When we have oily or combination skin, oils get stuck under the dead cells and this creates acne. In order to prevent more acne to create, it's very important to exfoliate regularly, this way the skin will feel refreshed, look more radiant and improve after every application. By exfoliating regularly, we will see an improvement of skin texture, even out skin tone and get better product absorption, which also helps to give better results.

3- Acne Toner

4- Acne Treatment Moisturizing Gel

Total time: 5 minutes

You got this! The quicker you start, the quicker you will get results. Consistency is key. It's time to start a new GOOD habit. Mindset is everything. Decide, choose and just do it!

At our Med Spa:

We offer in cabin (gentle) Acne Chemical Peel, which can we used on teenagers and adults. There are two possibilities to achieve best results: 2 peels a week for 6 weeks or 1 peel a week for 12 weeks. For someone who is really busy and cannot come so often, we can also do a Medical Facial (starts with a peel, followed with retinol, aha, vitamin c & mask) every 3-4 weeks and we recommend to do 3, 6 or 9 to treat, correct and get visibly better skin. The Medical Facial treatment is more intense than only doing the Peel, yet both are very effective treatment that we can add on to your skin care routine at home. You can book a free consultation and skin analysis with us: message us or call us to reserve an appointment.

KMSBEAUTÉ is an effective skin care product line developed by a team of professionals, who have over 30 years on experience in the field of dermatology and aesthetics. Cruelty Free. Paraben Free. Sulfate Free. Harmful Alcohol Free. Our goal is for each client to use healthy & quality skin care products that will give visible & long lasting results. Proudly Canadian. Made in Certified Organic Laboratory in Montreal.

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