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Benefits of Aloe Vera Cleansing Gel:

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

Are you looking for an Organic Cleanser? We've developed a gentle cleansing gel, which is made for all skin types. In this post we will share some benefits of our ALOE VERA face, hair and body cleansing gel that will help you remove dirt and oils, while hydrating, treating and preventing in an organic manner.

Keep your skin at its healthiest state with ALOE VERA Cleansing Gel.

Discover our key ingredients benefits in ALOE VERA Cleansing Gel:

  1. Decyl Glucoside; Creates foam, helps to prevent skin dryness and retain moisture.

  2. Arginine; Boosts collagen production, helps to keep skin looking healthy and radiant.

  3. Aloe Vera Gel; Helps to soothe, has cooling properties and is anti-inflammatory. Helps to moisture, unclogs pores and soften the skin. Boosts healing of wounds. Fights aging signs. Reduce infection and acne. Boosts skin cell reproduction and reduces redness. Helps with hair growth. Treat dandruff. Acts as conditioner to hair and scalp.

  4. Olea Europaea Oil; Helps to moisturize and fight bacteria.

  5. Coconut Oil; Helps to reduce inflammation, keep skin moisturized and heal wounds.

Our cleansing gel will help you achieve clearer, softer and more radiant skin, when used on a regular basis. ALOE VERA is packed with quality ingredients to help you improve and maintain a healthy glow.

Follow with our Euphoria Toner, Multi-benefit Youth Booster Serum and a moisturizer.

How to use?

Face: Apply one pump of cleansing gel onto wet hands or cleansing brush, massage and rinse with warm water. Follow with toner, serum and moisturizer. Could be used from one to two times a day.

Body and Hair: Use two pumps, massage and rinse.

Did you know? This product can be used by the whole family, since it's 100% organic. No SLS. Non GMO. No harmful alcohols. No perfumes. Made for all skin types. Discover the power of nature!

You can get yours today or subscribe to our mailing list for special promotions and news.

Comment below if you have any questions. Enjoy cleansing at the sink and in the shower!

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