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Dry? Itchy? Pulling skin?

Does your skin feel like its dry, itchy or/and pulling? YOU NEED A FACIAL.

Very frequently your skin has a pulling sensation; when it is dehydrated and needs to be nourished. At Kasia Medi Spa, we offer a wide range of healthy and effective products that will make your skin feel refreshed and loved. Your skin will be thankful and you will feel the improvement.

Sometimes we feed our skin the wrong products. During the facial, the technician will analysis your skin and recommend the right products for you. We make an essential KMSBeauté plan just for you. This way you can compare it with what you are already using and choose for yourself what you shall add to your routine. And if you do not use anything on your skin and have no idea what you should; a Facial at Kasia Medi Spa is the ideal thing to do!

You can book your next appointment online now! or call us at 514-694-6004.

See you soon,

-K.M.S. Team xo

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