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Few benefits of facials for your skin...

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

What feels more amazing than getting pampered by a skin specialist? Gliding fingers over your face, hot towels and relaxing massage. Facials are a great investment for your skin and overall health.

Read along to discover our top 3 benefits of facials for your skin:

1. Reduce stress and psychological distress: Studies show that facials can help relieve stress mentally and physically. It helps to reduce anxiety and uplift your mood. It also helps to smooth fine lines, tighten your skin and give you a healthy glow.

2. Great cleanse: Facials are the best cleanse you can offer your skin. It helps to remove all dirt, balance excess oils, remove your dead cells and stimulate your collagen, which will help to give it a refresh and renewed youthfulness.

3. Blood circulation: Facials are known for blood circulation, which help with the flow of nutriments and oxygen carried along with the blood. It helps to give you a healthier and more glowing skin.

While they are many benefits of facials, we find that these three are what makes facials worth doing every month for a boost of youthfulness. Invest in your skin, because you'll be wearing it your whole life.

Visit us at the spa for a 45, 60 or 90 min Facial. We can recommend you a personalized home routine.

It's best to start with a 60 min session, if you've never received a facial or if it's been a while.

Message us more any questions or inquires.

Thank you for your time,

See you in the next one.


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