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InnoPen Microneedling at Kasia Esth Med

InnoPen MD microneedling pen is brought to you by Clinical Resolution Labs, from California, USA.

This is the Innovating Skin Treatment on the market right now. Microneedling is becoming a new trend in North America right now. It is done by a lot of celebrities and people worldwide that want a beautiful naturally glowing skin. Discover how this innovating treatment can help you.

First you must know, that the results vary from one person to another. Your results may vary from different factors; what is the problem? how long has it been there? what did you do to treat it? what products do you use? age? habits? overall heath?...

InnoPen is recommended to correct and improve the following:

1. Fine Line and Wrinkles

We got some fantastic results, especially with deep wrinkles.

2. Sagging Skin

After a couples of cases; we find that after 3 treatments, we see visible improvement of the skin being much more tightened.

3. Sun Damaged Skin

We were able to help our clients with this problem too regain healthy glowing skin again.


We are able to treat any type of pigmentation on the skin with this treatment + two products to use at home for life.

5. Enlarged Pores

We were surprised to see enlarged pores shrink and become less visible.

6. Stretch Marks

Improvement with every treatment. InnoPen recommends from 6-8 treatments, in order to see optimal results.

7. Scars

We saw great improvement of surgical scars, deep acne scars, superficial acne scars and burns.

8. Alopecia (Hair Loss)

Best results with people who are in the beginning stage of hair loss.

For more information call us at 514-694-5556

We recommend you to book a consultation at our new location: Kasia Esthétique Médicale in the SouthWest One Medical Centre, Suite 146 in Pointe-Claire, Qc. before we get started.

Hope to see you soon,

All the best, Team xo

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