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Key to a better skin

Wondering what you can add to your skin care routine to improve your skin?

Well first of all let's start with the 4 basic steps:

1- Cleanser

2- Toner

3- Serum or/and Oil

4- Moisturizer

If you are already have all four steps and want to add one more: Exfoliation is key to a better skin.

We offer Gommage Exfoliation; proven to be the most gentle type of exfoliation you can use.

Could also be used by the most sensitive skin types.

Gommage Exfoliation benefits:

- It Unclogs Pores

- It Helps Other Skincare Products Penetrate Deeper

- It Evens Skin Tone

- It Increases Cell Turnover

- It Boosts Circulation

- It Stimulates Collagen.

Why wouldn't you take the time to do a Gentle Gommage once a week?

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