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Daily Skin Care Routine 🌞

Need a New Refreshing Spring Morning Skin Care?

*If you have make-up on Perfection Biphased Cleanser will remove it all perfectly delicately.

Step 1 - Cleanse your skin with Aloe Vera #biovegan Cleansing Gel. Massage skin in circular motion. Rinse.

Step 2 - Spray on #biovegan Euphoria Toner.

Step 3 - Apply our #biovegan Multibenefit Youth Booster Serum. Daily antioxidant.

Step 4 - Moisturize you skin with a Hydrating Gel, Emulsion or Cream.

#biomedical AHA Emulsion for combination & oily skin. Hydrating Emulsion with HA for sensitive & normal skin. Jeunesse Emulsion for mature skin. EYE CONTOUR: eye cream for dark circles, puffiness and aging signs. 3 in 1.

#biovegan collection:

SOS for reactive & sensitive skins.

MatteControl for combination & oily skins.

BEAUTOX Cream for mature skins. Lifting, firming & glowing.

Planning to go outside? ☝🏼 more step.

Step 5 - #biovegan #spf30 Daily Protection strawberry scent 🍓 Massage small amount into exposed skin. Made with Zinc to best protect your skin from uva & uvb, which are damaging rays from the sun 🌞 Can be used for the whole family. Face & Body. #fullyorganic Can be applied under makeup as daily light Moisturizer. #antioxydant #healthy #skin #betterskin #now

Now is the Best Time to take care of yourself #quarentine #selfcare #skincare #3in1aloevera #cleanser for face, hair and body coming back in stock in this Friday, April 3rd 2020.

We’re sending #positivevibes to our Clients and the whole world 🌎 #çavabienaller we’ll get through it! 🌈 be more cautious when you leave home 🏡 wash your hands frequently & disinfect when your out doing #groceries. We got you covered: #Alaska #Hand #Sanitizer now available in our shop! Order now and receive from a few hours to a few days (Montreal) to couple of days (other parts of the world).

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