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Innovating Beauty2b Facial Tools

Updated: May 28, 2021

Introducing, Kasha Cleansing Brush & Guasha LED Heated Tool. Innovate your home routine by adding these two tools.

Two Innovative New Technology Beauty & Wellbeing Home Devices. Come with Usb Charger and Instructions. Easy to Use.

Discover 4 Speed Vibrations and LED Heated Massage. Best Results When Used Together.

Read below to discover Kasha Cleansing Brush & Guasha LED Heated Tool Benefits:

Benefits of Kasha Cleansing Brush Innovative Technology:

- Improve Blood Circulation + Boost of Collagen & Elastin

- Easy to Use & Clean: Use with any KMS Cleanser. Clean with Alaska Purifying Soap.

- Vibrations help to shrink pores, reduce fine lines, wrinkles & tighten skin + remove dead cells

- Get a brighter and more radiant skin after each use

- 4 Speed Setting: Gentle cleanse, Deep cleanse, Massage or No vibration only magnetic beads

- Comes with a charger: Charge once for 90 minutes, use up to 80 times. No batteries needed!

- Comes on a cute silver stand you can place back after each use.

- Waterproof: Use in shower or at sink

- Soft: Made out of silicone

- Feels good on the skin

Cleanse, Love and Improve Your Skin with Kasha Cleansing Brush

Benefits of Guasha LED Heated Tool:

- 4 LED Therapy Options: Red for Anti-Aging purposes or Blue for Acne & Impurities

- 3 Vibration Options: Collagen & Elastin Stimulation

- 2 Heated Red or Blue Options: Unwind Any Muscle Tension

- Promotes Lifting & Tightening Skin

- Preventing and Smoothing Fine Lines & Wrinkles

- Gives Boost of Radiance After Each Use

- Helps to Contour Face

- Other End for Jaw Definition and Eye Contour Massage: helps dark circles and puffiness.

- Helps with Blood Flow Circulation

- Learn with us Lymphatic Drainage Massage (coming soon!)

Elevate, Relax and Enjoy Your Skin Care Routine with Newly Developed Technologies. Get Real and Visible Results. For Best Results try with our KMS Bio Med Quality Skin Care Products.

Chat with us or send us a message for more information. We are here to help you and guide you in your skin care and beauty routine. Thank you for choosing us. Sign up and earn points. Buy more, save more!

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