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New Year, New Skin

Updated: Mar 3, 2019

Do you want to improve your skin this year? We can offer you a Bio Medical Skin Care Therapy.

For Best Results, combine Med Spa Services with KMSBEAUTÉ at home.

We like to start with a health consultation and skin analysis, in order to make a personalized plan for you: med spa services+home routine

We offer NEW! Bio Medical Skin Care: KMSBEAUTÉ.

Made of Organic Plant Extracts, Quality Ingredients, Vitamins, and Essential Oils.


Med Spa Services at Kasia Esthétique Médicale, where we offer traditional aesthetics and advanced technologies. We offer the most innovating "Anti-Aging Treatment" on the market: MicroNeedling with InnoPen. Full Year Skin Therapy. Contact us for more information.

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